What Makes Liquidscapes Different?

Liquidscapes is a model like no other, where we recognize the need and importance in blending all the necessary disciplines in a collaborative effort to formulate the right design, answers and value for our clients. We are BIG PICTURE thinkers, which requires the understanding, expertise, talent, experience and vision of every given project we touch, from the upfront analysis to the long term result and value. OUR GOAL IS TO SPREAD THAT AWARENESS, SO OUR CLIENTS CAN BENEFIT IMMEDIATELY, BEFORE THEY MAKE A SIGNIFICANT PURCHASE OR COMMITMENT!

The term “Big Picture” is rarely expressed in our industry. As a full service pool and landscape design and build firm, it is so critical. You want to work with a firm and professionals that have an understanding of the big picture, because through their own experiences, they have a clear sense of all the parts that need to be recognized, discussed, considered and executed. This, and only this, will assure results, enjoyment, value and long term rate of return.

Thinking from a long term point of view on the front end will expose the importance of a big picture approach!! Whenever we make significant decisions and purchases in our lives, such as purchasing land to develop or renovate, many disciplines and expertise come into play and that is exactly what Liquidscapes brings to the table.

Asset Managers & Consultants

Other than your family and business, your home and the land it sites upon is one of your greatest ASSETS!! It should be treated as such and we have found that our true value and service to our clients is to function as asset managers and consultants so we can protect and advise them in making the proper choices and decisions before they even commit to any purchase or decision.

What we do and provide goes way beyond the obvious, which is a company that designs and builds amazing outdoor living environments. We are here to serve our clients and advise them with our collective years of expertise, experience and understanding of their needs and goals, and how that relates to the decisions to follow. Business is universal, and though we all have our own language, we all want and desire the same: UNDERSTANDING, BEST METHODS AND PRACTICES, VALUE, AND RESULTS (NOW AND LONG TERM)!

Sharing Our Passion

We have committed our lives to our profession and we want to share that value, so things are well thought out, executed, and bring years of enjoyment, memories and value for decades to come.

We all have a tendency to over simplify things we have never done before or we assume to understand. Nothing is ever as simple when you lack that learning curve. That is were Liquidscapes comes in. We have completed over 2,000 projects (large and small) and it is our responsibility to help, share and educate our customers from our life lessons.

We have assembled a TEAM of professionals and expertise to meet and service all of your needs, including: Certified Landscape Architects, Certified Pool Builders, Certified Tree Experts, Certified Landscape Contractors, and much more. We also have tremendous relationships and alliances with the related/necessary disciplines to most of our clients needs, professions such as Architects, Builders, Civil and Structural Engineers, Interior Designers, and the like. The goal is to assemble a team of like minded professionals to serve a specific need (no matter what the project is).

So look at us as CONSULTANTS and ASSET MANAGERS, because it is that asset we want to protect, which is our clients and their homes and properties!

Dedicated to the Pursuit of Perfection

When you have dedicated your life to one profession, during that journey you obtain tremendous knowledge, expertise and experience. Like any profession, you learn from your mistakes and it is now your responsibility to correct those mistakes for yourself and the people and clients you serve and impact. By correcting those mistakes, you start to create a standard and method of practice.

The things that work you stick with, continue to refine and perfect. The things that need correcting, you correct, refine and perfect. Through that practice and effort over our collective careers as a company and team, again comes a high standard without compromise.

People always ask us what drives cost in a project. There are many factors, but my consistent answer is our STANDARDS and METHODS to do things right the first time. Your project will preform better and most importantly produce years of enjoyment and value. Time is our best teacher and measuring stick; it will reveal our successes and failures. That is why we are so proud to see how well our finished product holds up and preforms!! It goes back to being “Big Picture’ thinkers and value minded now and long term!

We Prefer to Educate, Not Sell

We never sell. Our goal and intention to educate and provide awareness, so our clients are in a position to make sound and wise decisions and investments!! We all want to see immediate action when our hearts and minds have committed to an idea and vision, but nothing is more damaging to that goal and outcome then rushing into something you need to completely understand first. Nothing is worse than wasting time, money and energy in the wrong things. Minimize those experiences by surrounding yourself with a team of professionals that have committed their lives and careers in delivering results for over 2,000 clients.

We Are Fortunate to Be Able to Impact So Many People

We all seek to find our purpose in life and nothing is better than realizing it and then embracing and sharing it. We chose that expression in the art form of pool and landscape design and build. More importantly is finding and knowing what the real reason is, which is to share your passion with others. Equally important is the desire to help others. We just chose this profession to do so! In the end, helping one another is the ultimate achievement in life and we are thrilled and proud to do so.