The Importance of Design

It still amazes us that after working with clients for over 40 years in the pool and landscape industry, the general consensus, is that design has no value and no one wants to pay for it!

Why is that? Would you start a business and invest hundreds, if not millions of dollars blindly? Would you perform surgery without doing your research? Would you handle your legal or financial needs, without doing your homework? One way or another, with every significant decision or investment you make, you will pay one way or another. You will pay for someone’s professional expertise to protect you or you will pay dearly for not doing your homework. Don’t we always want a rate of return?

In our industry, not only is design the smaller investment you will make, but that smaller investment is there to protect the larger long term investment. It is the homework necessary to assure value and success, immediate and long term! It is also a legal and binding contract between you and the client. The design is a mutual contract, with you both agreeing to exactly what is to be built and executed (and the manner in which that is realized). The more detail, clarity and transparency, the better for both parties to achieve their goals (MUTUAL VALUE!).

What most clients don’t realize is there is no one size fits all in our industry. We have completed over 3,500 projects and not one design or build is the same. It can’t be, because every site, client, budget, need, solution, etc. is different. Everything is custom and it doesn’t exist yet. Even more reason to make sure the design makes sense, but that cannot happen if you see no value in the design process. Yes, like any other industry, there are some that are not completely qualified to know what is the right/best answer. That goes back to doing your homework in pre-qualifying the people and companies you choose to work with.

That can easily be measured by the quality of their work/finished product and how well it performs years down the road. Time is our greatest measuring stick!

The customer is filled with emotion and enthusiasm, once they are ready to engage in a project, but utilize that emotion wisely. Everyone is so impatient, once they are ready to commit and ultimately rush the process. The result suffers greatly, because the lack of the learning curve during the process is compromised. Then you start to recognize and understand the true magnitude of the project/scope or the lack of good planning/decision making. Embrace the design process and let it unfold the answers needed to execute/commit and create the results/value you want and deserve.

The design process has value and will serve you well, but first start in finding the right professional to assist you and allow them to educate you through each step! I hope this sheds some light on the value of a design. Listen to our own lessons, when we tell our children to do their homework and studies, to achieve good grades and results!

~ Howard Roberts, Owner

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