We started with a raw canvas and wooded lot, that our clients had envisioned design and building their dream home. It is always great to get involved very early into a project, so we can properly work with the client, architect and team, in collectively designing the overall vision. This way all professionals, disciplines are communicating for a common goal, to meet the clients needs and expectations collectively.


An entire pool and landscape master plan was developed incorporating all the amenities needed, pool/spa, driveway, motor/parking court, pool decking, outdoor grill station and fireplace, walks, walls, fencing, landscaping, bocci court, grading, drainage, etc. Along with determining which key trees stay and which go. Our client and his friends are very athletic and active, so a 1,000 SF pool was requested, along with a large spa. Part of the simple dynamics of the pool was the “sawtooth” damn wall of the spa, that was seamlessly integrated with the pool coping in granite. Which matched all the flatwork and hardscapes of the project. We also created swimout benches and seating near the spa, so everyone could hang out together in warm of cool water. The outside of this home was more traditional, but the inside is very modern, so our clients wanted a blend of both. With all the amazing stone work on the house, we felt less was more and kept things strong and simple!


An amazing end result of a timeless home, with a landscape and pool that serves all of our clients needs, wishes and wants. I love how the water reflects the light!! This project and home is still under construction, so we hope to photograph again, once completed.

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